Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SEE you in RC NITE 2009...

Rc Nite is Juz Around the CORNER!!!

So see you guys there!! SIaPa yang taK pERgi!!! akan MenYesal!!!!
Tickets Selling are still ON!!
For any Info.... Drop By HQ n Ask... oR contact Any oF the EXCO!!

SaYonArA!!! See you guys in RC NITE 2009!!!



hI gUyS...n gUrLs...

Thks For Coming Kem belia 32 !!!

however and whatever.... without you guys... Kem Belia will not Be success...
so a Million Thanks to all of you... Congrats to the group that had won !!!
All the groups u all had done a fantastic Job!! so Dun Worry!!!

So Guys... See You in RC nitE 2009...ONE MALAYSIA... WE ARE YOU-NIQUE!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Video B-Team Kawat Berirama!

Hi Guys!Check this out!A sample for you all for Kawat Berirama!

Taklimat 2 - B-Team Kawat Berirama!

Untuk perhatian peserta-peserta Kem Belia Ke -32 :
For Kawat Berirama!Please synchronize your shirt for your own group!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Hi Peserta - Peserta Kem belia Ke -32!

Taklimat 2 telah pun tamat!
Have you finalise your Kawat berirama?
Have you practice your performance?
Have you master the First Aid Skills?

Jangan LEPAK lagi!Kem Belia is near!Pratice makes PERFECT!

Kawat Irama
Don't know where to start?
We'll have training session everyday start from Monday! Talk with Latihan & Disiplin , En.Azmi and En . Kuhan!

PC Skills
Dont't know where to learn?Which skills to learn??
We'll also have training session everyday!! Kindly approach En.Tyng Juo , En . Kuhan , Cik Aparna or Cik Chia Hui for more information!!

Don't forget we got many awards in Kem Belia!!Belia lelaki Terbaik , Kumulan terbaik , Persembahan Terbaik dan Banyak Banyak lagi!
Perform Well to achieve the Awards!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yo Peserta Kem Belia ke -32!!

Kem belia is ticking near around the corner!!

We , MEB '09 would like to show you the design of our Button Badge , T-Shirt and Sijil Penghargaan!!Have A Look!

This is the T -Shirt Peserta.

This is the Button badge.

And The Sijil Penghargaan!

You all will be getting all this and much more!
Surprise awaits!

"Growing Wings Of Humanity , Building Nest Of Tomorrow."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dateline For Penyertaan!

Hi Guys!This is the Dateline for Penyertaan Kem Belia Ke -32!!

The Dateline is on This FRIDAY!!Which is 20 of November!!Send more!To ensure your school get the TOP!!


Growing Wings Of Humanity , Building Nest Of Tomorrow!

For Kem Belia Participant Information!

Taklimat 2 is on 28 November 2009!

Come On Time!Be Punctual!

We'll be very strict so be prepare to be a very discipline Kem Belia Ke -32 Participant!

Name Tag , Anak Angkat , Bendera Kumpulan , Pengetahuan Asas BSM Kumpulan!All must be ready by Taklimat 2!

The Best is always on the TOP!!Be The Best!

Work with your Groups!Work with your Fasi!

Prepare your PERFORMANCE!!Screen Test is on Taklimat 2!We want the BEST Performance Of all times!

10 Mores Days to Taklimat 2!